What is the actual definition of “general well-being”?

General well-being is the quality of living life. It is a way of staying healthy and happy. We can be happy when our soul is happy. The inner and outer sides are fully happy. “Well being” means staying healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. Good health is the greatest wealth of life.

Types of general well-being

types such as mental, emotional, psychological, social, emotional, and physical.

Social well-being is a social environment’s contribution to society. Emotional well-being is our feelings or inner thoughts. We can feel happy with a good friendship. Relationships or other achievements in life Mental health is also important for well-being. A stress-free mind is always beneficial to health. Physical health is also important. When your body is physically fit, it helps to reduce stress and negativity, so you can live happily.

Our physical health and mental health are important for our well-being in life. But nowadays, many people suffer from depression, stress, family stress, financial stress, and others. This stress or depression causes a variety of chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, mental health issues, and so on. is important to reduce your stress by doing meditation, yoga, and exercise. It will help reduce stress.

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