Mood, Anxiety, Stress & Sleep

Worry is the normal part of life. However excessive worry can harmful, leading to serious medical issue known as anxiety disorder. Anxiety is warry and fear which is out of control. Moving around unlikely happen. Feeling worried and fearful most of the time even on small issue or there is nothing to worry. It is the symptoms of anxiety disorder. Includes restless body parts, feeling stressed, extra tired, lack of focus, incomplete sleep, harmonal imbalance and so on. This all are symptoms of anxiety disorder.

There are some practical ways to reduce anxiety.

  • Exercise is the effective way to decrease anxiety also good for mental and physical health reserchers proved exercise is the effective way for reduce stress, mood swings and increase focus. Relieved tension, peacefull sleep. All compounding result control anxiety.
  • While you feel fear or anxiety, take a deep breath, it help to calm your body, Relax your mind
  • Ashwagandha is a powerful herb to reduced anxiety and fear. Taking ashwagandha before going to sleep at night, it help to calm your mind and body. Gives a peaceful deep sleep. Increase concentration level. Effecting on mood swings, reduces stress, depression and so on
  • Turmeric is have importance in ayurveda to treat anxiety, stress, depression, mood swings, sleeping issue, excessive fear and other treatments. In turmeric curmumin is present. Curcumin contains properties of antioxidants. helpful to reduce stress of body, removes toxins. harmonal imbalance is one of the main reason for stress, fear and anxiery. turmeric supports to balance hormones of body.

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